Twelve Pines Retreat

Last week I took off for a much needed retreat to work on a new project, a Judy Niemeyer pattern called "Paradise in Bloom".   This was a retreat set up by a certified instructor, Denise Green and everyone with a few exceptions was at some stage of piecing on this quilt.   It was a work at your own pace type thing, with help available should you need it.   Due to my home, work and volunteer commitments, I had nothing done on mine but basic fabric purchased and my pattern instructions placed in a book.  No fabric ironed or cut, no templates or patterns cut out.  Some had fabric cut but no piecing, some had been plugging away on their piecing, some had every component made and just need to assemble into a top.  A few worked on finishing off another recent retreat that Denise had scheduled to work on Fire Island Hosta (I love that pattern but was not able to attend that retreat in January).   We had 5 days and believe me we worked pretty much from 7AM until 1-2AM every day.   We had someone prepare our food and what a fantastic job she did with meals.     We were quilting fools!  Much accomplished.  The Retreat center was awesome!   Here's some pics of our set up and progress along the stay:
This is mine, I do have all the units made through the purple "pond" just not all placed on the wall and not sewn together.

LouAnn had all her components made except her applique.  She completed that then assembled all her units into this magnificent quilt top!!!!   I also am making this size.   Some are making a smaller version that doesn't  have the scalloped geese outer border.

I called him "QR Kitty" for Quilt Retreat Kitty.  Starved stray kitten that showed up.   He made about 30 friends real fast and ended up going home with Denise.  He has since been named "Ranger" and is settling in nicely on his new property.

Show and Tell

Fire Island Hosta

Summer Solstice

Mariner's Compass which is my next marathon retreat in October.

What a great getaway with so much progress!   4 of us were friends meeting up with lots of new friends mostly in this area.   One person flew in from Minnesota just to work with Denise.  She is working on getting certified as an instructor.   This facility has 2 sections.   2 classrooms, kitchens, sleeping areas... a completely different group of friends were next door and we mixed and mingle some and had a great time!  You know quilters... they are the nicest people!


Pat H. said…
What a wonderful retreat! I love all the colors and designs.