Kris & Myka's wedding

Kris and Myka took that leap and set a wedding date for 5.15.15!   I think they took a cue from us with our wedding date of October 10th!   They have been living together for a number of years and even have our grandson to show for that but they had reached that point where the next step was important to them.   We quickly helped pull together what we hope was a memorable and cherished day for them.   In San Diego, you can apply for a certificate to perform a wedding, one time, that day only.  Timing was close but we were able to get that submitted and recorded.  His father performed the ceremony and we all helped write the vows.  We are on about 30 days of rain in Texas, of course we took that to San Diego with us  The first 2 days had flash flood warnings and pouring rain.   They originally had an outdoor beach front wedding planned and the rain had us scrambling to find another venue.   They settled on an indoor area that the restaurant offered where we were holding a dinner after the ceremony; however, the rain stopped and the sunshine came out just about an hour before the event!  The manager, Todd quickly pulled together a small section of the outside deck because no customers yet and set it up for us, calling my husband to see if we would approve.   It was lovely!  On quick notice, we had a family wedding with only 14 of us present, it was Oceanside and all things considered, it could not have been any more special or beautiful to me.  I hope it was for them too.

Exchanging vows with the girls.


The view from our hotel room - the peninsula is where the wedding occurred.

How many can re-create this on their wedding day?  Our building was just the the left of them.

Family Dinner

That corner of the deck is where it all took place.