Wedding Stars

I have no idea what the name of this pattern is.   One of those contacts where we talked on the phone, a quick drop off at a convenient location.  Quilting design chosen from the blog.   I did not know the story about the quilt but I did inquire when I delivered it back to her.  I didn't know if that shiny material was a silk or what.   Well, it turns out that the shiny is material from the train on her grown daughter's wedding dress!   What a fun idea.   I have no idea if it can be washed though.  I do like the layout, if anyone knows the pattern name, please post.   I would like to add that to patterns that I want to make.   And now you have another idea of something to do with that 30 year old wedding gown taking up space!

And yes, that one fabric had decorative threads on top.  It appears that the pattern is your star, with a sashing strip on top and bottom.  Then 2 of those on each side.   Each block is then rotated.   I don't know if there is a specific # of fabrics, a specific layout to use those fabrics or if it was done scrappy style....sort of like pulling the strips from a bag and saying I'm using this one next!
Pattern is "Lucky Stars" by Atkinson Designs.   Thank you reader for the info!


Valerie said…
A viewer contacted me with the pattern info. Thank you so much!
Atkinson Designs