Pumpkin Theme Quilts

A recent finish of a couple of client quilts with pumpkin themes.   The first one was made with that method that you fold fabric and sew together.  A rolled edge gets created.  Fast piecing,  but the curves need to be top stitched down by DSM which makes the block more time consuming.  These  edges were  left open over the next layer of fabric.  As you move your machine across the top, your foot slides inside and gets trapped.  Also those folded fabrics joining other sections can make for bulky seams that  my hopping foot can't transition.  Fortunately,  this will be a table topper and the request was a simple edge to edge design with a little detail at the pumpkins and leaves.  She chose a variegated beige thread that doesn't really show in these pictures.  The 2nd set of photos is a  "Twister Jack" jackolantern.   I quilted some fun dense fills for this wallhanging.