New "office" set up

I've struggled  with this downsized home and an office area.  It's much smaller than what we have  had.  It's also an open concept with shared walls and those mostly have windows!  The floor plan does have an office but it is in the center of our home and we set it up for a video gaming room for the boys.  I've had this  idea for awhile now but it has taken over a year to persuade my husband to flip the entry living / dining area.  It works beautifully!  The dining table has to serve as my office "desk" that also expands to seat 8 for special occasion meals.  Now clients  immediately are at the "office" when they come in.  I have room for a portable quilt display rack.   Both sections feel larger with the middle of the space open.  I'm happy.  Hubby doesn't hate it and I think this will work so much better.  Now to decorate!  Giz and Kricket give their stamp of approval too.


LynCC said…
Hey, this is really nice. I like the swap, and your wall quilt is so beautiful in the overall decor scheme.