My Rosewood Cottage sampler quilt

Photo overload!  I made these blocks off and on from 2001 - 2006 when it finally became a top.  Christmas Break I quilted it!  Binding and sleeve now complete but I do need a label.  This quilt has seen 4 moves, several renovation projects, 2 primary sewing machines, a mid arm, a long arm, every animal we have owned except for 1 since 1989 has seen this in some stage, and 2 boys mostly raised.   I'm so glad I finally got this one quilted.
Quilt Inspectors engaged in discussion!
This backing was not wide enough.   I pulled blocks from a Greenies Quilting Geese exchange called "Blue, Green, Violet" and added a strip to get the width and create some interest on the back.   2 UFOS mostly busted!
I wish I had kept track of how many threads I used to machine blanket stitch all the applique, and then all the threads I used to machine quilt a few details!   I also used Madera Monolon to stitch in the ditch and outline all the blocks and applique.    The blocks did not have much room for detailed quilting and I did not want to go tiny and dense so I used just a few fills and a few details in each applique.   It turned out to my satisfaction.   The only thing I would do differently would be to just piano key the outer border.   I think the texture of the feathers just seems too much.   I almost quilted a swag with feathers in and piano keys to the outside but scrapped that idea thinking that may have been too formal but that may have been a better approach, however you don't see the quilting, just the texture so hmmmm piano keys!  Sometimes you just don't know until it's finished.   But I love it, am so happy this piece is done.   I loved the appliques and the fun fabrics, the fat cats.   I loved the quilt shop where all this stuff was purchased,  The Cherry Pit in Gatlinburg, TN.   I miss home and will always have these memories.