Sweet Simplicity

This was a charity quilt I quilted about 6 or 7 weeks ago.  I tried to time a simple design to see how it would compare but still had as much or more time  than quilting a medium weight all over design or pantograph.   Pantos provide so much quilting detail for the money!  But then again, even if "light" custom, this is custom quilted to fit the blocks.  Most people prefer custom.
The back is cool, seems like plenty of quilting on the back... just skimpy for my liking on the front per the space in the blocks.  But it does give me ideas for future.  I'm always trying to find fun, fast,  and good looking designs that don't require marking or slowing down to use rulers.
Sewing the binding on with the longarm.   I got in a new ruler designed specifically for binding and will try out this week.
 And finally... about 6 weeks later I FINISHED that binding.
There she is.  Sweet little quilt that hopefully will provide comfort to someone.