Texas Longhorn (UT) quilt

This one is still on the frame.  I spent way too much time doodling trying to find a continuous thread path and finally gave up and got on with the process.  The quilt is beautiful!   But the layout is difficult to quilt, block components don't line up for a continuous design and this version also needed to be manly so no scrolling featherwork or fill in the background.  The client wanted to showcase those black areas and I knew that those areas really wanted custom work, otherwise a panto is so wonderful for these types of busy fabrics.  And I think it is turning out really cute!  I've got 2 of these to quilt. I had hoped to load this one Thursday, finish Friday  and load the other on Sunday but I forgot about the German Christmas festival nearby.   Lots of vendors, food and music.   Sunday afternoon is our only option.  Now if it will stay dry and not rain!

I made a template from a manila folder which I traced with a  fine mechanical chalk pen.

outer border stitched!
You can't see that clearly but this area is all stitched out, meander in the background fabric

design plan with my manila folder templates