It's a juggling act!

I have never been one of those quilters that finishes one project before starting another.  It's even harder for me now that I quilt for others.  I knew this baby quilt was coming up but I had to order fabric.  I could not find the panel locally that the client wanted. Meanwhile I have days free while waiting for the fabric.  I pull out my Bali Wedding Star.  I bring a foam core board upstairs from my storage spot in the garage.  Prop it over my ironing board.   Blocking out my window and making my ironing board unusable.  I'm at a difficult stage in  this quilt.   Each side and corner has different color star points and arcs.  The last rings are partial blocks with background fabric instead of a star point in the outer area.  I'm having to rip apart units.  Make more units.   Correct units that I had sewn wrong.   This is the "design wall" plopped on the ironing board in front of my double windows.   I have the upstairs loft, this is the ONLY wall I have for 3 sides of the space and it is windows.  The 4th wall creates the hallway into bedrooms and does not give me space for a design wall either. 
I made a vow to myself that this is not coming down until the quilt is a flimsy.  Now the other fabric arrives and I must get that baby quilt made, quilted, bound and out the door.   Pull out fusible, my Scan N Cut. ..meanwhile I try to maintain my stacks  that I created that will become the color sets for the top, bottom, left and right sides as well as the corner units for all four corners. All are different color star points and center arc colors.... this is what I end up with on my table. 

A hot mess....
temporary ironing station and cutting station for this project
Project on top of project.   Notice the wedding ring set on top.   The  wide part of the star should be at the light end of the ring.   And I had just made that unit too!
I like to staystitch outer seams before loading on the long arm.
I added the baby's name to that dog in the panel.   More pics later after it is bound... any maybe washed if I have time. 
I wish I could work on only one project at a time.... but just like events in life it just doesn't work that way for me.   I have to juggle projects and find a way to make it work for me.  It may not be a pretty sight while I'm working on this wedding star... but I will get it done.  (for some reason I can not edit those pictures to be small either  - sorry!)