Bright and Beautiful Easy Street Mystery Quilt

This beautiful quilt is a client's, she participates every year in a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt and she even got me going along on a few of those.  She finishes hers though... mine are in a plastic box!  Bonnie hosts one late fall every year and this was the 2012 mystery.   I really love how this one has a nice contrast to the different elements.   Star points show as stars, the inner checkerboard areas are distinct.   I've seen a few examples that really blend and you loose the pattern.   That's the thing with a mystery, when choosing your fabrics you really have no idea which fabric touches what so sometimes we get surprises.

Busy designs and fabrics like this usually get an all over quilting design.  The smaller compact designs gives motion and the repetition of those designs all over the body of the quilt usually show up nicely in the texture if you can find a thread that works well with all the colors.   I really loved all those HST and squares on point.   I suggested that we go with a custom design to showcase all that pretty piecing.  I kept the design lines simple, because with these fabrics, sometimes the thread shows, sometimes it does not.  I sampled a few designs in one block and felt the simple lines looked best.    The batting used was Hobbs Legacy Wool and is scrumptious.   I know the owner is going to love sleeping under this one!





LynCC said…
I love these quilts! You did a nice job with this one. :)