Another 10 Minute Block quilt

This is a quilt top that I picked up off the table for one of the guild's that I belong to.   The quilt had nice soft colors and I knew that quilting would show up so pretty on this one.

I thought about the design I liked, I really love the custom, modern styles of quilting and thought this quilt would be a good candidate to showcase that style of quilting.  On the flip side, meandering feathers would be awesome on this one too!   I started my plan with just a quick sketch of the medallion going through the center.  Then I knew that I wanted to add feathers as well so I choose to quilt in a nice squared feather wreath in those small centers.   What I did not realize when I planned this was how difficult it would be to see the thread I choose for this quilt!   The thread in the blocks just melted in for the most part and I had to just go with  the rhythm of the quilting and hope for the best.   Because I could not see the thread that well for backtracking, I decided to quilt swirls in the center path instead of circles and then I used a combo of swirls and feathers for the inner fill.
That's as far as my pre-planning took me.   I was going to create more lines and fills with something set up on point in the open areas but because I really could not see my thread that well while quilting, I thought.... why don't I plop a big feather wreath in the center design and side setting triangles created by the medallion path I had quilted in.

I think it worked out great and is also a quick alternative.    This quilt I believe will be donated to one of the guilds' regular charities.  Camp for All which is a no barrier camp for adults and children with special needs.   Each bed is covered with a quilt and the camper gets to take it home.


LynCC said…
It worked out more than great - it's really marvelous!! Absolutely in love with this work. :D
Nancy said…
Showcase indeed! This is a winner.. quilting really gives it life. Well done.