You took your machine?

I called first.   I did not have any hand work prepped (plus lighting ended up being  terrible in room for  that).  So I called to see if I could bring my machine and if there would be a table...  they said to bring it!  Son #3 had to have a 24 hr test at a children's hospital and he was not allowed to leave the room.   Mandatory that someone stay with him.   The nice part was we could bring games and movies to pass the time.   They also provided xbox, wii and play station systems.   I carried my travel sew-in project.   I had several people tell me I was the first they had seen that brought a sewing machine.   Several asked about quilt making, one person even asked where they could get a little machine like mine for his mom!
We both passed the time comfortably!   Ohhhhh the the next day....son #2 presented us with this!


Nancy said…
You sure know how to pass 24 hours productively! Hope all is well.