My Round Robin from 2002

I pull this out and do the SNS (stand and stare) then decide it needs to wait until I have more time.  I carefully fold it up and pack it away ...  again and again. 

On the surface, the colors are striking and exactly what I asked for from the group (this traveled over several US states, Africa and Australia!).  But when I start planning a formal quilting design for the quilt, I have several problem areas.
First is the green inner strip.   Should I applique some little triangles to complete the design instead of leaving them squared off  at the intersections?   That's an easy fix... BUT then what do I do where it intersects with the corners of the Celtic Knot/Chain border?  There is not much space there to continue the green - even as a narrow strip.  Secondly, should I add another outer border?   Also I'm going to have the same issue with the green after this is bound (or if I add another border).  The green is going to square off like the middle border instead of making a 90* turn when another fabric is added for the border or binding.  I also have considered adding crystals to embellish the applique and cover areas that are very squared off and not smooth.  Finally, that brings me to my final concern on my list, if I do these things does that transform it perfectly?   No, there will still be minor piecing issues, squared off applique, some odd design issues ... and I'm pretty sure that the pink in the Celtic chain has faded!
So, I think I have found the solution to my concerns.  Quilt it and get it finished so that it can be enjoyed and remembered for what it was.  Scrap the formal quilting design and use lots of lovely fills and feathers and GET IT DONE!   Over all it will be pretty.  What do you think?  I would love to hear your ideas.


Nancy said…
Yes to the fills and feathers. No to another border. And what if... you added that same, small red flower with the yellow center at the outer ends of the green strips, while leaving the inner ones alone? That might create the illusion of a continuous piece that goes under the knot. It's a pretty piece. I'm impressed that it's debut as a finished quilt is pending. I have some years-old group quilts waiting in the closet, too!