Some of the last quilts for 2012

This one is a lovely Asian modern framed square pattern, sorry I don't know the exact name.  This will be a bed quilt for the client's son so we wanted the quilting to be not so feminine.  We went for lovely texture, Glide Vegas Gold thread  and used wool batting.  Ahhh - I LOVE this one.


The hand quided panto is called "popcorn" and looks great on so many styles of quilts - from cutesy baby quilts to looking oh so elegant on this one!   Medium density to add lots of texture to your quilt, smaller design filling not so large of an area creating a consistent backdrop for those fabrics.
How about more T-shirts quilts?   I don't post many of these, they usually are so large and hard to get a good view of them.  Some really cute ones came through here recently.

I had 2 sets of the black/blue school shirts one to quilt.   One had several T's with lots of rhinestones and both of these finished really sharp looking.  As with many quilts, the beauty is hard to capture on camera.
This T-shirt really worked up pretty in person.  Flannel sashings and backing, lots of fun T's.

Just showing how much those T-shirt quilts and seams re-distribute themselves.   2 Times trying to get my edges to be equal but it was not budging.   The quilt themselves can be fairly square, but with all the seams.... you can't get them to roll on square and it is a job trying to keep them square.

I measured, 5/8" thick seam !   Very cool finished look, an embroidered section from a bathrobe or towel used within the quilt.



Nancy said…
Lovely quilting and quilt! And you do a great job on the T-shirt quilts. They are a challenge, and yours always look professional and beautifully done.