Six More quilts and I am DONE for the year.

I am almost done with this years' quilts for clients.   Knee surgery planned for Thursday plus we are moving my mother to her own little "new to her" house near us just after Christmas.   She'll be moved in her new home before the New Year!   Yesterday we played at an annual German Market festival that runs for a few days near us.   Lots of fun had by all however little actual shopping was accomplished.  We sampled lots of tasty German foods like sausages, sourkraut and potato salads, homemade rootbeer and pretzels.  The boys rode carnival rides and climbed rock walls.   Beautiful weather and a great day for all.  We also visited a tree farm that morning and cut down our own fresh Virginia Pine tree.  Mick says we are going to do this every year from now own.  Decorating the tree  AND getting in some quilting are my priorities for this afternoon.   


Nancy said…
Yikes... all the best with your surgery. And nice accomplishment with your quilting schedule. The German Days event looks like a fun one. Not sure I've ever had homemade root beer.