Roll, Roll Cotton Boll Step 2

A little slow updating the blog...  the past few weeks have been a very challenging juggling act.  Monday starts week 4 on the remodel.  Living with little to zero kitchen use, and also without our master bathroom.   Not only that, but in the bathroom they did a terrible job texturizing the walls, then painted.   We had to have them sand it all off and start over it was that bad....   Most of you know what that sheet rock dust is like all over your house too.  Kitchen floor is in and we can walk on it.  One leg for the island is not here and 2 doors that were refurbished from the existing cabinets are not here yet (gee only takes 2 weeks and was ordered in OCT - Oh I forgot that was only my part - the general contractor still has to place the order....)  Installing new countertops tomorrow but can't install the cooktop/island because we don't have the base complete.  Very frustrating experience....    Anyway, here is the progress on my Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery.

Step 2 HST units

Step 1 strip sets

Thanksgiving Day at Manatee springs,  The clear water directly behind them over the rocky bottom is over 4' deep, looks very shallow in the pic.


Nancy said…
I'm liking the look of the quilt units so far. At least the quilt is going together nicely... you need it to given the experiences with the construction work. Ick! Hope things start moving along.