Last Quilt on the Frame for 2010

I did get this quilt loaded on Christmas Day and got in a few hours both that day and yesterday.  I'm still rather worried about being square.  Lined things up the best I knew how considering I could not find my longarm centering tape!   I have some "d cups" in the hexagons and am trying my hand with 2 batts - one poly and one Hobbs which is supposed to help with that, filling in where there is extra fullness in your blocks.   I also basted my outer borders and wanted to start with the center quilting.   If that turns out well, it will help inspire me how to quilt the outer borders.  Well, as soon as I started quilting with the 2 batts, I knew I was going to have to ditch stitch around those borders, things started going puffy!   I loaded monofilament thread and SITD, not too well I might add!    This is my first quilt to try this technique on the frame also.    But loving my first few rounds of CC's in the body of the quilt.


Laura said…
It's looking great!
Mary said…
I can't wait to see how this turns out. Mary in the Mountains