Happy Birthday Mickey!

No school this past Friday which of course was a perfect time to plan a 3 day weekend to celebrate no school and Mickey's 12th birthday.  We had beautiful weather and a great getaway to Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, FL.  This is one of only a few beach front parks in FL, the campsites are all heavily wooded and do not offer a view of the ocean but you do get the sound.  The beach is just a short drive or bike ride away.  We took along bikes and kayaks and put both to good use.  We also had to visit the Alligator Farm again too.   Just a few pics to share:

Hot rolls and birthday candles don't play together very well!

kayaking the Salt Run, St. Augustine Light house

Quilt is DONE.

Designs from backside

party feather back and front

Also, I learned that Sudoku DOES have repeats in the 9 grids - in the 3X3 sections, the rule is just each row across, down and within each single 3X3 grid there can be no repeats.  Woohoo!   However, it could have been designed to have no repeats in any position and that is how I will be sure Mickey's gets finished whenever we get back on his Sudoku project.


Nancy said…
Well happy birthday, Mickey! I love Anastasia Island State Park. Have not yet visited the Alligator Farm though. Looks like you packed the time away with lots of fun acitivities and the weather was beautiful.
Valerie said…
Mickey says thank you for the birthday wishes and we did have a great time. The alligator farm was really cool. They were training the albino gator "bones". He knows his name and responds like a dog and eats treats.