Lakeside Memories

I did it!   I got this one finished.   A long time as a UFO (unfinished object), then last spring/summer I finally brought this one back to the top of the stack and determined how I wanted to set these rows and completed it.  Then the deployment to Hawaii and everything boxed back up again.    This is the 1st top that I have quilted on my new longarm that deals with blockwork, designs to complement the actual blocks as opposed to an allover design.  Lots of wiggles, wobbles and wild backtracks in my freehand work but a great learning experience and this top is DONE.

More about the Row Robin.  This was done with an online quilt group back in 2004/2005.  5 of us in a group and several groups were formed.   We each chose a theme/color scheme for our projects and had about 6 weeks to work on  a row for that person and then the project moved to the next person on the list with a new project coming to us.     I just love the finished product for my Row Robin!  Everyone chose the perfect fabrics and rows for my "lodge" look or northwoods type quilt.    Many thanks to:  Deborah (CA), Elaine (MA), Susie (IL) and Sheryl (IA) for all your efforts to make this exchange a success.    Here are some of the pics:

Quilt Inspectors