Back To School "Secret Sister" Quilting exchange

Packages have been received and I can now show you another project I worked on.  Quilted Notebook Covers!
The brown and green one was made first and is mine.  I just quilted in a grid but the floral one was free motion quilted around some of the flower motifs and I really like the way it turned out. 

Inside on the left you have space for pens, on the right (you can see detail better in the lighter green one and gee that reminds me of the post below with my dark purple!) you have slots for business or appt. cards and then above that is a little deeper slot to tuck notes or paperwork.

I really like this pattern and now want to modify this or make some little "clutch" style bags similar to this.  I love touching the quilted fabric so this is just a perfect extension to quilting for me and to get my hands on quilts even more through out the day LOL!

I was making my cover when it was announced on the online group we were hosting a "Back to School" exchange.   I thought this would be perfect to include with my goodies but of course had to wait to see who I was assigned so that I could make it up in her favorite colors.  The exchange guidelines were really fun, we listed our fav colors, notions etc and also stated our favorite year in school and the reason why it was our fav, also snacks or candies that we like.   The guidelines for the exchange told us to gift items like:  Back to school clothes (fabrics), school supplies (notions, threads, tools), books (patterns), lunch box snacks and something to go along with that person's fav. year in school.   Really fun instructions and so easy to translate into quilty things.

These are the items that I mailed out to my SS:

Her favorite year was 2nd grade and discovering the world of books and reading.   I found this adorable hardback book of "small" quilts.  Wallhanging or art type quilts that really appeal to all of us but especially have the whimsical look that would appeal to a 2nd grader, not only that but one of the patterns had a young girl lying down with her book and tells of the joys of reading!   There are some really fun and cute patterns in there that would be fun for her and her daughter to work on together.  I hope to see some projects from that book real soon!  The note cards are really pretty, applique blocks, embossed with raised detail and scalloped edges.  Too pretty to write on! Also has a cute re-usable box with a snap closure (I like boxes LOL).  Can you tell what her fav. candy is?

OK, now here is what I received from my SS whom I also have had the priviledge to meet IRL.

Oh My!   Lovely "clothes", assignment books, pattern books, puzzle books for recess, marking tools, my favorite thread, a coffee cuzzie made from really pretty fabrics, Ponytail or bobbin thread holders, handwork hexagons....  Oodles of stuff!   Really, really fun were all the drugstore variety of swedish fish, sour patch kids, sweet and sour watermelon gummies...  and best of all.... zuchinni from her garden along with TNT recipes for bread and a chocolate cake with zuchinni and even a recipe for a breakfast item that she thought the boys would enjoy (Dutch Babies?  I've never had them). 

What a great exchange and so much fun to pull together.


Laura said…
Love these! I want to make one for a composition notebook!
Valerie said…
I can get you the pattern. Sews up fairly quickly too. You can determine the measurements you need to fit the book if you have a specific one in mind.