One Block Wonder revision

Tried working yesterday with the howling 20 mph winds with gusts up to 50 mph.   I had to shut doors to keep things from blowing everywhere and even windows at times.  Too bad about all those that travel from all over the world to get married here with photo shoots along the beach.  The newspaper this morning included some very interesting wedding photos with clothing almost blown up, out, over and the same for the hair!  The beach across the street from us includes one wedding chapel and if you are on the beach from 9-4, I'm sure you will see wedding parties and photographers somewhere along the beach.  

Back to quilting events, I was not happy with the finish for my One Block Wonder, bought some brighter fabric to change up the borders.  After playing with it a little, I decided I could leave all as is and just add another plain border with this brighter fabric and I believe it works.  The size is pushing it for wall art though, I'm not sure it will fit @ my entry at home in Florida now....  and of course I must come up with a creative plan for quilting but I will leave that for our return trip too. 

Also, our yahoo group finished up the block lotto for our version of Paint Box Blocks.  Here's what those looked like.  Fun little blocks and I intend to make my own quilt very soon!

I have had some people inquire about the blue seed pod.  I will have to look this up @ the library but did want to post some pictures of what this came from.  It is on the plant by our garage, the smaller one of the 2 pictures posted.  The plant is called "giant....?" I can't remember.  It makes a flower - somewhat like the Bird of Paradise as you can see in the really giant one located across the stree from us.  Flanked on either side of the plant in "our" yard are Hong Kong Orchid trees which are in bloom right now.  Pictures to show how pretty.  This tree does grow in Florida but not my region, we get freezing temperatures every winter.  I had already checked into that cause I love this tree.  I'm including the older pic with our trees not in bloom, tried to take a new picture but 2 cars parked along the street blocking the view....

tall plant in center.  the seed pod is not visible from the front and is 4' up from the ground

Hong Kong Orchid from trees to each side of our garage

One across the street.  click to see the "blooms" in larger detail.


Bunny said…
Hi thanks for becoming a follower of mine. I love your flowers lucky girl living with such beauty all around. I also love your One Blocke Wonder it is beautiful great job.