1st finish for March and some water play

Several projects are nearing the finish.... but I do have one complete!  This is my Dresden Plate runner, part of a project with Greenie's Quilting Geese where we are making dresden plate projects all year.  I needed someone to hold this for me to get a good picture but am so happy to report that this one is DONE with a picture.  This runner is perfect to use for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter as well as for spring.    Quilted free motion on my tiny little travel machine which is not ideal for quilting.  Especially on the dining table.  And given that I have had a set in machine for the past 34 years working with a flush surface....  Ahhhh, but challenges are what really make the project fun sometimes don't you think?

Then after visiting the local High School Art exhibit Saturday, we were off to explore a beach at the end of the westshore of the island.  What a great day!  The water was calm and clear, the sky so blue after lots of VOG and haze for months.   We are going back today.  Snorkeling was lovely with lots of fish and underwater things to explore.  Visibility was excellent and a great day had by all.  Here are a few highlights that we caught on film.

Bob at the end of the road.  Lovely little spot with an entry into the water.  Large sandy beach with facilities about 1/2 mile behind him

Brandon checking out the bottom for shells

This was Brandon's prize but too bad, someone was still living inside so back down to her home she went.

Brandon with a great shell, black dots on outside and purple inside

Lava Cave


Bob's find!  This is a cone shell, about the largest size you can find here.  Venomous if the creature had been inside.....


Mickey with a cute little green tint crab

Sunset just BEFORE the green flash.  It appears as a green disc just above the top of the sun as it makes its final descent.

Ahhh, what a great day.  The ice cream truck even made a visit to the beach!