Whale Watching Excursion!

For our Valentine's Day treat for the family, we enjoyed a couple of hours out on a boat looking for whales.  The boat pulled out from the marina where we live so we did not have to travel far!   We were on this big Kodiak raft type boat that seated 48 adults/children and enjoyed a wet and wild ride.   We barely pulled out of the harbor and saw our first whales.   Beautiful weather, awesome whales, even a sea turtle entertained us.  What a GREAT day.....

That's a humpback whale's head and 1 flipper out.   If you click on the picture you may be able to enlarge or  zoom in to get a closer look!

Mother and calf floating just outside the Polynesian Luau property.

Our townhouse sits just behind that large hotel.  The construction to the right will be the new Disney Time Share resort.  It is HUGE.  We live on the dry side of the island if you notice the lack of green on the mountain.

Coastline up the road from us

Lastly, the turtle that greeted us as we were returning back to the harbor.

Edited to add that all photos taken by Brandon.