Lou Ellen's Paradise in Blooms

Wow!   Another beautiful Paradise In Blooms entrusted to me.   This one was a little difficult, I knew she wanted detailed quilting but the fabrics really did not want to let the quilting outshine their own beauty.   I went with a darker thread for some of the details and then back to a more blending thread for fill work.     Lou Ellen originally called me after seeing Lou Ann's PIB at the Conroe show where it won a 1st and... Best of Show!   She now is someone that I call a friend.   We sew together at our WWIT (What Was I Thinking Bee) and have attended 2 retreats together since that phone call in March of this year.  I look forward to many more years of sewing fun with her!   Quilters are the BEST!

Photo overload!   I'm sorry.   I can't help myself.  Some are similar but show just a little different.  So I'll include lots of them.    Thank you Lou Ellen for trusting me with your heirloom quilts!

My entry living area that is my "office".  I could not resist taking pic of PIB and my Gravity.

Full Photo

center detail

another pic of the room, I like seeing all those quilts!

In progress, seeing the backs always is exciting.

In progress picture.   Darker thread for feathers, lighter thread for fill.


Patsy said…
This is absolutely beautiful! It is such a challenge to quilt intricately pieced quilts and your quilting has totally taken an already beautiful quilt into a new stratosphere! Just a fablous job!
Marlene said…
This is stunning. Magnificent work.
Valerie said…
Thank you Patsy and Marlene! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.