Progress on my Gravity quilt

My personal sewing time has been at the lowest point ever this past year due to guild and work commitments as well as Mick's wrestling and being an officer in that booster club.   Add in family activities and all the things that life throws into your plans that leaves me with no time or no energy!  Other than a 3 block table runner, I have not had a finish to a current pieced project since September 2014!   I have plans in place to remedy that,  even if it is away from home.   I've organized 2 "bee" (SEWcializers and WWIT) days plus I have 1 evening each month that a local quilt shop is hosting a Modern group sewing time.  It's not the same quality time of sewing at home but it fills 2 needs, a dedicated  time that I schedule off to sew and much needed social time.
Hubby and son had a fossiling adventure planned and would be gone all weekend before Thanksgiving.  I met my goals and finished the last quilt for November about 4pm on that Friday and switched gears to my sewing project.   I had pre-planned my meals and was prepared for a marathon weekend of sewing.   And I did it!  I accomplished 32 hours of productivity from Friday night through Monday and completed the focus blocks.  Then life intervened once again.   Tuesday morning we were at the ER with my husband in extreme pain. He was admitted and had surgery the next day to remove kidney stones.  We got back home Wednesday night about 730 pm.   With Thanksgiving the next day!   Hubby is recouping well, back to work and maybe soon I can get some time back on that quilt.  It couldn't have happened at a better time as Mick and I were both on "holiday" and could give him 100% of our time.   We both stayed at the hospital, Mick wouldn't leave either.  The flip side, Bob was covering for 3 people and was only scheduled for Thanksgiving day off!    Now, I need some time in December to get this finished.   I turned in paperwork last night to include this in a fast approaching local show!   I hope I can get it done and done well...   fingers crossed!  
Blocks on my design wall.
These 2 never left my side during my sewing marathon weekend. 
Add in another helper on Monday.  It felt so nice to have my 17 yr old hanging out with me like he would when he was little.  Well OK, maybe he was hanging out with others on his phone and getting snuggles from his cat!
Then Tuesday found us here.
Mick settled in on the bench/bed at the hospital with a movie
I have a reclining chair right next to him.
Kricket doing what she does best.   Sun streaming in the window and she could not resist a nap on my cutting table.