Children's quilts, lap quilts, Novelty Fabrics

Here are some fun, scrappy or novelty fabric quilts by clients that I've quilted recently.  
Quilted with Denise Spirals hand guided panto.   Notice on the busy fabrics the  design shows through behind the fabrics and your eye readily determines that there is a spiral design quilted.  My first choice for busy fabrics is a one motif type design that is not too large.  This quilt showcases exactly why I like those.  Even in the photo, you can see the design stand out a little in the dark border.   Backing was busy also .   Busy makes for great daily use quilts.   I love a nice scrappy quilt also.  They do present quilting design challenges. 
I love my Innova!  Quilts load  flat and square so easily compared to my HQ.
Wonderful, large, little boy quilt.   Very busy fabrics.
Client opted for very light custom, loops or stipple in each element.    Several of these fabrics could handle heavy quilting and would shine, but that bumps up quite a bit on the budget.  Little boys don't want dense feathers and ruler work increases the cost.  Very budget friendly option  instead of a panto.
Cute, scrappy baby quilt with Animal Crackers panto, very shaggy Minkee backing.
My Innova handled that Minkee shag like cutting butter with a hot knife.   No issues.   But I did not trim that baby for her like I usually do!   Oh that minkee can make a mess.   Some folks say apply blue tape on the backside where you intend to cut and that will contain the fibers.  Good suggestion!   But I'll let you try that.
Yellow flannel backing to showcase that Animal Crackers on baby quilt. 
The top doesn't show well and needed a very small design to really shine... but I made a decision that the backing on this baby quilt made up for not being able to clearly see the design on the front.  Besides, what baby wants a tiny leaf or something.   Animal Crackers is so much more fun!
Cute fabrics!  Baby quilt.   Monkeys, but I had no monkey designs on hand and honestly, they would not have shown any better, maybe less because the few monkey hand guided pantos out there run rather large scale.  Note many designs today are digital and can be printed on paper, but that does not mean a hand guided quilter can QUILT them.   So many people today opt to buy longarms with computers and do only digitized designs,   The computer can make perfect intersections, circles off a line, no backtrack  feathers or any type of motif because that computer conrols and stitches on top of the previously line perfectly.   But I am not computerized and doubt I'll ever choose to babysit a machine doing the quilting.   Not that that is wrong, I do have computer envy.  I love those designs and motifs they can plop in any block without marking or using the piecing for design lines.  But, when I think about the day to day business of quilting.... I don't think that style is for me.
Allover, watery free hand design with air bubbles by the turtles.   Lovely soft Batiks with turtles swimming in a partial circle, with a lime green minkee snuggly backing.   Simple all over designs like this are priced at panto rates. 
Another ball themed childs quilt.    Client choose a baseball related novelty pantograph that has a ball, bat, gloves, a cap and loopies on it.   Very difficult to see on these fabrics or the backing, but some child will love picking out the designs.   I've done the same with big dragons.   Can't see it but my boys knew the dragons were there making them special boy quilts.
baseball backing
Another busy but fabulous quilt with Colt's novelty fabric.   Client wanted the horse shoes and stars panto.   Very little shows on front but WOW - her pieced and mostly solid backing showcases the design.    Her backing has just one insert of pieced work running across and the rest above and below is all black.  What a stunning back on that quilt.
Pieced section of back on the frame.   I love that contrast! 
Fun and lovely, well put together quilts.   Also a nice example of how quilting looks on different types of fabrics.


Lynette said…
Hi, Valerie - what a fun post with many quilts and quilting strategies. I would be with you on the computer thing if I had a longarm. While I'd admit to loving it if I were able to occasionally use it for specific features (like this fancy DWR pattern I just marked on my daughter's wedding quilt!), in general I greatly prefer the look and approach of hand guided quilting.