Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

A little runner I made using this Judy Niemeyer pattern.   All my piecing was accomplished at bee days or camping!  I was trying to work this one into my schedule for quilting Friday morning before loading the next client quilt.   Of course this little piece would be the one with issues!  I was about 2/3's done with tiny feathering in the background when thread started breaking.   Long story made short,  I finally determined the thread had a section at the bottom "under wound"  meaning it was pulled tighter and actually slid underneath  where it should be spooling off.   No choice.   Rippit!   I then spent 6 hrs ripping out what I had spent about an hour stitching.   Saturday,  I decide to finish off simply with a different thread.  Guess what?  My bobbin tension wasn't perfect and I didn't realize until it was off the frame! !  Not enough to impact the stitch holding together. ..just tiny dots of top thread appear on the backside.   I'm leaving it. too much time invested and I must move on.    Some days some things just aren't meant to be I believe.  A part of me wanted to do a simple all over design and be done, if I had originally done so, my tension would have been perfect and it would have used less thread therefore not having technical difficulties with that cone and it would have be done and off the frame quickly.   Seems that way anyway!   You just never know and it is what it is! 
Chasing the shade that day.  It was a hot one and shade seemed to disappear every 20 minutes!