Sweet Gray and Yellow Baby Quilts

A couple of baby quilts.    One for an infant, the other for a toddler boy.  Minkee backings and oh so soft!  I usually trim quilts for this client and I am thinking I will not cut minkee in my studio again.   Gosh that stuff makes a mess!  My cutting table is in front of a window and that fluffy stuff stuck all over my red draperies and all over the glass as well as my container holding my cutting tools, etc.   The cutting table has to be moved to be able to reach the window to clean.  Definitely too messy, I'm going to have to let you have all that fun in your studio!  The infant one a panto I use frequently for sweet baby quilts "popcorn".  It adds just the right amount of movement and dimension.   The little boy one with the chain pattern, I just quilted a loopy thing that I thought maybe he could use as a road while playing with little cars.