Progress with my Innova

I've had my new 26" Innova for 8 weeks.  12 days I was camping and I also had some down time when scheduling some adjustments to my machine.   So really less than 6 weeks of time spent on her.  No name yet.   No tattoos either!  Still a bit of a learning curve.  Every machine feels a little different, the weight is different, the feel of the machine as you move it along.  She could use color,  I do miss seeing those pretty decals like I had on my Fusion.
My only customization to the top so far, a cup mounted for my thread snips.  No place to mount my suction cup like on my Fusion and a small magnet seems to slide off with the weight of the scissors.
Differences so far?  Quilting from behind doing a panto,  the Innova glides over bulky seams so effortlessly that I often check mid row just to be sure I'm stitching with thread!   My Fusion would go across bulky seams banging and crashing so loudly sometimes that I would think it surely was broken!   Thick seams have even knocked my Fusion out of time.  My Innova glides right across.
Basting down batting or the edges of the quilt top is so easy!  I used to watch videos where others would just zip along.   On my Fusion I had to walk my fingers along the stitching path, slowly working  the fabric or batting to keep it from pushing the material this way and that.  I love the simplicity of basting edges now.

One problem I did have that has now resolved itself is that the green "start" button was so easy to touch.   And it starts sewing!  Slightly grab the handles to move the head and I would touch that button and it would race off!  Once I even hit the button just tossing the top over and it touched the start button!  But,  that happens much less frequently now, I'm more in tune with how she operates.
I do miss a stitching mode that let's you set the speed and uses the stitch regulator.  The Innova only has manual mode and a stitch regulator mode that stops when you stop, slows as you slow down.  I'm used to working just a little faster,  that speed setting pushes you along to keep the pace and rhythm.  Also for designs like pebbling, fast is good!   Again, I'm adjusting and it is nice to not have to change speed when switching from ruler work back to designs.  I feel like I'm slower though not having that speed set at a good pace to keep up with.  A year from now?  Who knows?  I'm hoping I'll be fully acclimated.
Tension?  While threading is very different,  the tension I feel as I pull the thread through feels and responds just like my Fusion.   I did have to get the tension disc adjusted, but since that no issues with tension. She purrs with any thread, Glide thread doesn't even require a net!  I currently have Invisifill 100wt on for my next project and she stitches beautifully.
I upgraded to have the LED lights and black light options.  Lighting somehow seems better than with the super lights on the Fusion!   Probably because I'm not stitching in a well.  Bars aren't above my stitching area.  2 pluses with that!  Arms and rulers can lay flat. 
Can you see the blue sheen?  That's the black light.   I had one on the Fusion as well, but it seems to light up so much more on my Innova.
I love the way the top and backing load.   I love the lift that let's me raise the top, roller bar and all, so I can smooth batting.   Tops load so much more evenly and straight. 

Love that bobbin winder!   So nicely wound and easy to operate.   And that green container?   That's a goat feeder that mounts on channel fencing.  Works great as a thread catcher.   I also keep my brush for cleaning the bobbin area and my oil in the bucket.  

Electric lift to change the height?  I never want to be without it.   I change height all through the day.  I can lower to reach the top area of throat space,  changing the height as needed depending on where I'm working.  Quiet, smooth, effortless.  Touch of the remote hanging on the side rails.
The handles!   How I love the handles.   Each independent,  adjustable with just a tug.  Front and rear, left or right.   Changing position relative to the task at hand. I can even flip my left hand up out of the way while doing ruler work.  They are so awesome!
see the green button?  easy to touch when grabbing the handles.
One negative,  no control panel on the back.   I do a fair amount of pantos.  Advance quilt,  baste down sides,  run to the back.  And then I'm not sure if I changed from a long basting stitch to the desired stitch length!  So I run around to the front to check the display screen.  I'm getting new habits created.  I'm guessing a year from now I won't care but I do miss that for now.  The lift,  let's me bring the height way up so no stooping over the handles or to see  that paper pattern.  Awesome!
Much, much more but enough for now.  I loved my Fusion.  I have a few areas that is a trade off,  but across the board I'm loving my Innova even more!  


Thank you Valerie for this great post. It has helped me a lot. I also sent you an email.