Quilts for new grandbaby

These are client quilts for her newest granddaughter born last week.    They are so cute!    Bunny is to be a wall hanging in the nursery.  The Dresden plate style pinwheel quilt is to be used as a soft, cuddly quilt.  

 I knew of a fantastic feathered version by another quilter for this bunny but my client felt that style was a little too heavy in the quilting area.   She seemed very pleased with my version and wants to keep it for herself  (it's sometimes so hard to part with these things isn't it?!).

This one is the one she wanted custom quilted, but yet still snuggly.   I used Quilter's Dream Puff and love that batting for a softer, more puffy look and feel in a quilt.   This one presented some frustration to me because as with many baby quilts, these are  8" blocks with little background, lots of sashings and then an outer border.  When custom quilting there is not much space to leave in a loose design so you do get that soft cuddly dimension.  No SID and lots of loose open designs.   I could have done something more open on that outer border but felt it needed a pretty feather finish.   I wish I could see how this wash and dries.

I alternated sashing designs because it was doubled in the body of the quilt but the outer sashing was only one strip,  No SID, open design in the blocks.  finished with a pretty feather outer border.    My phone crashed and this is all the photos of have of this one. 

Cute pieced backing.


Margaret said…
Pretty! I have done a bunny quilt very similar to that one a couple yrs ago.
Valerie said…
Thank you Margaret! Yours is so beautiful.