Side Light

My project is not complete and several were curious what I was building for my longarm.  I saw a post from Jamie Wallen on how to build a side light like the one he has been using for 10 years.   Looks perfect!   I had just recently drug a floor lamp with the bendable goose neck lights back and forth with me across the 100" of quilt.     But unfortunately, mine is not completed yet, I sure needed for another project recently too.   Some of those tone on tone threads are impossible to see with your normal lighting that works for most projects.   But...the size bulb I needed was not available at the hardware store where I shopped.   It was very heavy for the perfect size and the next size that fit was only about 14" long.   I decided to try the 14" one... but tested it before we stuck it down.   It really did not put out much light at all, so I need to shop for a longer light at another store.   Maybe in the next month or so that will happen.   It's going to be pretty and is a perfect match to the lettering on my HQ Fusion.  It's been a busy summer.  School starts back on Monday, I think we all are ready too.    In case you want to see what I'm trying to make, here's the link to Jamie's how to video