Ovarian Cancer Awareness Quilt

I quilted this for a client to donate to one of the auctions.  With MD Anderson hospital here, there are always fundraiser events going on, although I'm not sure where this one is going.  The fabrics are batiks and the set was very modern.   I would have loved to fill this with a modern dense custom detail...but I  thought it would be best to have a snuggly finished quilt.  I went with a medium scroll fill, a traditional curling feather on one border and some fun fills in the ribbons.
I was very tempted to stitch the feather in purple thread.... but went with a safe option.  No time in my schedule for ripping! 
I found the ribbons hard to fill with geometric designs like I wanted to quilt due to the varying size of the ribbons.   I did not want to treat the sections as 2 different units.   The first ribbon I tried to incorporate several straight lines narrowing down to only one on the smaller section but I wasn't pleased with the results and it still left the larger part of the ribbon too large for me to quilt in the way that I like.   The 2nd purple I decided to quilt only one line 1/4" away from the edge and I liked that better but it still left a large space to fill.  The teal ribbon I decided to quit with the one line and a feathery curl fill.   Loved that ribbon,  it worked best for me at that size and flows nicely with the contrast is size of the ribbon.   Now I know if I should get a similar ribbon in the future!
Love that detail on the back!