Almost back to school and getting back to our routines.

It's been an exciting summer!  We traveled out West, have not been out in that area since 1994 when we toured for 3 weeks by motorcycle.   This time we had 2 teenagers.  We flew into Denver and rented an RV.  RV travel is awesome!   On one hot hike in WY on the Oregon Wagon Trail, I took a shower in the parking lot.  All our things are always with us for whatever adventure or weather we encountered, no public restrooms needed.   When we would find a great spot for lunch, we just had to pull over.  Loved it!   My only complaint after 18 days was I would want to buy one with a slide out for a living area if we should ever be so fortunate enough to get one at retirement.  We stayed outdoors until bedtime, with campfires every night.  Weather was cool almost everywhere we traveled with nights dipping into the low 50's and a few times into the 40's!   Most days were 70's.  Ahhh.   Fantastic trip.  Our RV adventure was followed up by a short visit to San Diego to meet the newest addition to the family, our first grandson Kaiden.   Oh my gosh I did not want to leave...   I suppose we sort of dealt with leaving those grandkids (Kaylie, Kamilla and Kaiden) behind by picking up a NEW DOG from the shelter upon our return.  He had been named Gizmo because of his very large ears.   He's a whopping 5.03 pounds and doing very well with his potty training.   A few photos of our trip (CO, WY, SD and CA).   Trust me... I took about 1000 - these are just a few!


All of the above was from the Badlands, SD.   Tree lined camp site - cool nights YEAH!  The boys documented many finds @ The Badlands.  One nice skull specimen may become part of the park exhibit.


Above photos of Black Hills of SD.  Awesome weather in July!  Love this area.
view from campsite  Estes Park CO


Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.   We camped @ Jellystone in Estes Park, altitude about 8700'.   I really, really, really love this area.


Tickle Fight!

Family in San Diego
And finally, a picture of our new addition.... Gizmo!   Named by the rescue shelter because of his large ears.   Reminded them of Gizmo from the movie "Gremlins".


Nancy said…
Great photos of a great trip, Valerie. I've always been curious about how the rental RV's are, and your post enlightened me. All the comforts of home in your vehicle. Nice. Gizmo is so cute, and they got the name right! Enjoy the rest of your summer. Back to sewing.
LynCC said…
Hey, nice vacation. :) I'd wanted to drive up there to Mt. Rushmore this summer but the fund and the repeated vehicle problems didn't cooperate. Next summer! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.