Life Flight

On top of big catastrophes this past week with the Boston bombings and the fertilizer plant explosion here in Texas, we had our own major life threatening event.   We still are rather in shock over the chain of events but just have to shout how wonderful it is that we do have our son and can look forward to meeting the new obstacles facing us.

From below....   to the above!

The flight crew from Life Flight looked him up after another drop off to see how he was doing and brought him a momento since he had no memory of being on the flight.  What an awesome team! 

As long as I'm talking family, we were all scheduled to do a 2K run/walk the day before.  The son above was not feeling well so he did not participate in the Kolor Run plus I had an injection in my knee the day before and was feeling even worse than before the "lube".    Oh, did I mention that it was 36* in Texas that morning?  These 2 went from this clean white T-shirt:

To this at the end of the race!

And lastly, my 2 kitties NEVER sit in my lap/across my legs at the same time.   They were so happy to have me home from the hospital that they decided to bend the rules a little....  You can see Kadie's ears show she is not too happy to be sharing Mom.

We have very few family members and even fewer friends locally since our last move.    The outpouring of love, concern and prayers from my online friends and groups was so touching and was a huge source of comfort to me.   Thank you all so much for being there for me!


Nancy said…
Oh my- I missed several chapters! Hope you are doing better with the knew. And your son!! Speedy recovery. You've had a lot to deal with of late. Wishing you and your family all the best.
LynCC said…
Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry your son needed a life flight, and I sure hope he is doing much better. I've had one child need the ambulance (all well in the end), and it's the worst.