Another Bali Wedding Star

This customer quilt is gorgeous!   She did not want CC done over the arcs as is traditionally done and preferred minimal quilting which would let her piecing to be the star of this quilt.   We opted for a ribbon swirl similar to one I had seen when searching the internet for ideas with a fun whimsical feather in the main background area and a swirly curl in the tighter arc background.  She made hers with 2 colors only for the star points and all the arcs seem to be scrappy with no matching within the rings of the arcs.  I love the rich browns she used with the pop of color.



Just a portion of the entire quilt.


Nancy said…
This is lovely. I am a big fan of brown in quilts and use a lot of it. A co-worker once said "We can't use this quilt.. nobody makes brown quilts." People looked at me and laughed because I almost always do!