Bright Triple Rail

Cute little quilt I picked up from Charity Bee to quilt and bind.  I doodled on paper several ideas, so many fun things you can quilt on this style but opted to quilt up that little freehand flower swirl and a very forgiving no mark border.  Batting for this project was also supplied and it is oh so thin cotton which does nothing to showcase any quilting dimension.   I almost rummaged through my scraps to add a 2nd layer for loft... but decided to just go with what was supplied.  I use 2 battings on most of my own projects so I get that "pop" with the quilting design.   Go to all that work and I want it to show LOL!   Blue makes me think boy... but the purple I just wasn't sure about and opted to quilt for a girl.  Quilted and bound.   Ready for a recipient!



LynCC said…
Cute quilting on it. Love those flowers around the border.