Quilt #2 Parasol Ladies on the frame

Quilt loaded and top border stitched out.   I'm quilting very similar to the other one so that the girls each have similar quilts.

Also, hubby went to his high school reunion this weekend and also visited with  his folks in NJ.  He asked if he could take Quilt #1 to show his mom in person the quilt.   I'm so glad he thought of that.   And here are his mom and dad showing off the quilt!

I got in a great sew-in day on Friday working to work on my Bali Wedding Star but nothing to show in pictures.   Also on the frame this week were  T-shirt quilts for customers but  forgot to take pics of one of them.  One was a huge 42 piece about 114" long.
Do you ever have to rip out stitches?   I had the thread break just as I started on this quilt, these rubbery/plastic brushes (some are sold as pet brushes) make quick work of pulling the snipped threads out of your project.


Nancy said…
Perseverance pays off! Those feathers are gorgeous. And how nice he thought to bring the quilt to the family... I bet your mother-in-law was delighted. Good tip on removing the little threads.