A few customer quilts off the frame

Here are a few pics of what I have been working on the past week.

This is a panel that the customer collected on her travels.  I outlined some of the detail and used a more dimensional batting to showcase that texture.  You can really see that texture on the backside.

Picture does not reflect how bright and rich the colors are!

This was such a pretty quilt, but I could not get a uniform bold color of thread to show.   Decided the best option was to go with the 4th gray from the left.  It appeared the most consistent across the quilt without fading away and then screaming look at me for a few blocks.  We wanted to do a different fill in each block but most thread colors I tried just did not showcase the work and in fact, I could not even see where I quilted.   I ripped out the first row and the customer chose the  "Koi" pantograph to quilt as an all over.
As you can see, not much shows in these busy prints but there is lots of quilting going on.  See the back!

Koi backing

And her Triple Irish Chain.  I shared a few of the pics previously.

This quilt is bed sized and heavy. Someone is going to love sleeping under this one.

Now, time to tidy the studio and load the next quilt.


Laura said…
They are all so pretty! You did a fabulous job on them, can't wait to see what you do with mine!
Nancy said…
Wow, Valerie! Nice work. That panel is an interesting challenge and you did a great job on it. The quilting is easy to see in the back photo, and I'm one who likes looking at the backs of quilts as well as the fronts.