Southwest Theme quilt

This was a fun little quilt that I quilted almost all freehand, just a little ruler work with the diamond shapes in the brown sashing borders and almost no spacing registration needed for this quilt.   The cactus panels used in the quilt did not lend itself to showcase any of the design and I thought it may be so busy that the quilting was not going to show anyway.  I needed something to quilt it well but not be elaborate.  Opted to use a wavy crosshatch ....  and sure enough, it really does not show well so I'm pleased that I did not do anything complicated.  Had to play with the lighting to get it to show in the picture!  I think this is a really cute quilt and wish it were mine to keep.


Nancy said…
Nice, Valerie. I could see this as "keeper". That print looks like a must-have. I think I recall a photo tip one time that you might try when you are trying to photgraph the quilting: dampen the quilt surface. Um... try it on one of your own! But for some reason, I'm remembering that it was said to help the quilting design show more clearly. Might be worth experimenting.