Hmmmm... Intelligent!

My 13 year old summed this up very nicely.   Before, my longarm was not very bright but now she's intelligent!

My sewing/quilting studio is in the loft of our new house.  What little lighting there is in that room does not fall over the longarm.   I set up  gooseneck floor lamps but they don't illuminate the area that well and I need to see not only around the needle area but just in general reaching for rulers, markers, snippers etc.  Directly overhead I have the attic entry and a return for the HVAC.  We found the perfect solution.  Delivered and installed on Sunday afternoon.   Now I finally get some time to see how bright that girl really is!




Nancy said…
What an improvement! It seems as if I can't get enough light to suit me. This makes a huge difference.
Valerie said…
I fully understand, I'm the same way. The overhead lights worked beautifully! They do generate some heat in the room but they are far enough away from me I don't feel direct heat on my head or arms. I just added a tower fan and that moves the air around nicely.