New Pillows!

I've been wanting to make a change in color scheme for my home.  With our recent move and oversized furniture being sold at a yard sale, I find that it is possible to do this now.  Currently the only upholstered furniture in my living room and dining room is a tan sofa.   Beige carpet, beige toned tile, darker beige on the wall (a little burgundy inside the ceiling in the dining room and of course burgundy drapes)....   so I still need to keep some of those warm tones in my color scheme but I can break out of my burgundy warm country colors.   Kay at Borderline Quilter recently posted about some pillows she made.  The colors she used spoke to me!   I thought this is the perfect time to pull some fabric from my stash and make up some brighter throw pillows for the sofa.   I always had my dining room bright but now the formal dining and living room are in one shared space - colors have to blend from one to the other.  So off to pull scraps I went.  

I love purples and teals.  I liked using these shades of batiks because they tend to bring out the "raspberry" in my burgundy drapes just a little.   I worked up one pillow with brown tones just in case (it may be relocated to our family room brown leather sofas).  2 layers of batting, Hobbs 80/20 and a layer of Hobbs Wool for lots of dimension and softness.   They have not been washed yet but I suspect that once they are they will be really nice!

This is the backside of the turqoise pillow cover.

Kadie came to help!   She was so happy to see the basket of fabrics.  She used to prowl all in my old sewing room closet and loved to find a basket left partially opened.   She rarely comes to my studio now with the upstairs location.   Nothing to see out the window, no pretty gardens with bird feeders, no special seat just for her.... Awwww.

Now, hubby needs to find a job so I can buy FURNITURE for the living/dining room LOL!


sharonie said…
Like those. You gave me a good idea.