In 2007, at the age of 10 years old, our big boy "Tigger Bigger Boo" was diagnosed with diabetes.   This was not the first crossroad with illness or injury we had faced with Tigger.  We had been through several scares with him.  Tigg had a very special personality and relationship with me.  I was going to do whatever I needed to see him through this.  We could write a book on our emotional journey and details of trying to manage feline diabetes with food regulation, 12 hour insulin injections, 12 hour glucose curves with ear pricks every 2 hours to get samples along with oodles of logs, schedules and journals.   But through it all, my boy presented me with the greatest gift of all, his love and the sweet gentleness that only he has possessed of all my kitty babies.  We lost our sweet, brave boy on Friday, May 13, 2011; the day before "dad" was to leave for an overseas mission.   He will be cherished in our hearts forever.   Thank you all for your words of comfort and support throughout all these years.  This was our taken on our last day together.

2/14/97 - 5/13/2011


Nancy said…
Ohh... Tigger. I give you kudos for managing his diabetes for so long. We lost a kitty to the disease as well, but hers came on fast and she declined very rapidly. I'm sorry you lost dear Tigger. Those pets get into our hearts, and are such a part of the family.

And all the best to you and your family during your husband's deployment.
Robert said…
Valerie, I cried as soon as saw the picture if you & I with Tigger. I miss him so much. Weird how he went down the day before I deployed. He just wanted me to be there to say goodbye. Love you, Bob
LynCC said…
Hi - I just found your blog from somebody else's. I'm sorry you lost your cat friend. That's always such a heartache. :(