Gemini "ish" quilt off the frame

After all my headaches with my Kaufman Challenge quilt while on the frame, so pleased this one quilted out very pretty and as planned.  This quilt is from Jan, our coordinator for "Sunshine Quilts" which are quilts from our guild members that go to several local charities.   I hope the recipient enjoys this quilt as as much as I do!

I forgot one of the main reasons I don't like using 40 wt in the bobbin....    one pass on this 50" quilt and almost a whole bobbin of thread.  These are "M" size for the HQ Fusion and wound on the stand alone bobbin winder.


Close up of the "Clematis" pantograph design

Double stitched - lost my direction while I was quilting AND talking with Brandon!  I did not take it out - not sure anyone will even notice as it doesn't really scream error at you.

Tigger enjoyed sitting in the open window this morning watching the birds @ the feeder while I quilted.   He's feeling so much better since his illness over Christmas and his bloodwork last week has him in the clear.


Pat H. said…
Beautifully done. Doesn't look like there are any mistakes in it to me. It's quilters option. Good to see kitty in the window too.
Nancy said…
Your quilting is looking so good! Nice job. Glad Tigger is perked up.