Sudoku gone wrong.....

I am so near the end of quilting Brandon's Sudoku quilt but I discovered a problem and just have to stop and blog about it!   Brandon worked this puzzle a few years ago.  We decided it would be a fun project to work up into a quilt, many people were doing this.   Brandon chose a color scheme and went through my stash and selected fabrics.  He cut each square and completed blocks 1-6.  That's when I discovered he had made an error working the puzzle.  The idea of frogging and re-doing the blocks was just too much for Brandon and I could never interest him in the project again, even though it is a FAST and fun project.  I pulled the answers, marked the sheet and it sat for maybe 2 years (remember 10 months in Hawaii).  After getting my long arm, I decided this would be perfect to finish and work my 3P's (practice, practice, practice!).  A quick re-do for a couple of Brandon's blocks, whipped out 7,8 and 9, cut and sew the sashings and border then on to quilting.   I am now quilting block 8 and almost done when I see A PROBLEM!  The fabrics are repeated in the section above, same placement.  How can this be??!!  I am so near done but thought I would pull the answer sheet again to see what went wrong, what I could do to switch it around...  Sadly, this is how it will have to remain as problems are just too many.

If you are familiar with sudoku, you have 9 3X3 grids.  The numbers 1-9 appear in each 3X3 unit and should never repeat.  Also the rows across as well as the rows down each contain the numbers 1-9 and should not have any repeats.  I've included a scan of the original puzzle - remarked as well as the answer sheet showing correct placement.   Or so we thought!  I did realize that 8 9 3, 561, 724 was repeated in the first 3 blocks but not in the same sections and thought this would give some unity to the quilt.  My eye did not see the other issues!

Anyway, here is what we have so far:

Brandon's quilt on the frame.   These fabrics are very busy, the thread is a very close match so not much quilting detail will be crisp and clear, but this quilt will give me much needed practice and look great because any imperfections will not be that visible.

These are some quick sketches of the quilting designs I chose to represent each number/fabric.   I draw much better than I quilt at this time unfortunately LOL!

Grrrrrrrr.   Notice the 6, 4 in block 4 and block 8 are in the same position.  The 2 in block 8 and block 6
the 8's, the 5's......     Oh well.   Quilt on!  That's all I can do now.

Edited 11/3 to add that I have confirmed that the 9 grids DO allow for repeats of numbers in the same position so nothing is wrong with this layout.  Whew.


Nancy said…
aaargh! It's so frustrating when the best laid plans develop a glitch this way. But I like the fabrics, and like your approach to the quilting. It's easy to see how a block could get rotated incorrectly even if the puzzle was completed correctly. So many places to go off the rails. But keep plugging.. this is looking good, and like you said, good practice.
Valerie said…
Thanks Nancy! It is off the frame and I am working on the binding. I DO like it! I'm not going to worry that things did not work as plannned and Brandon does not care, in fact he says he never worked them with the 3X3 grids having the numbers in different locations.