May Day Royal Court @ Barbers Point Elementary School

Beautiful and entertaining program.  We enjoyed the procession of the Royal Court, Crowning of the new May Day Queen and King, hula dancers, representation of the 8 islands (I recently learned there is a 9th island - they call it Las Vegas - islanders love Vegas) and a number done by supporting cast from each grade at school.  the program finished with dances by the May Day Court (princes and princess of the islands) as well as the queen's Dance.   The costumes, flowers... all just perfect. 
He u'i ika po'i nalu i ka papa a ika malie o ke kai.   "There is beauty in both; when waves are breaking on the rocks and when there is calmness in the sea."

Newly crowned King and Queen in the center (Mickey is off the picture and would be on the left)

Part of the court

Don't you love the lady that decided to sit on the stage for half of the production?  Between the palm fronds blocking Mick from my side of the "stage" and her sitting on the corner it was hard to get a picture!

Mickey, the conch shell blower plus you can see me in the left background filming the next act in the procession.

Mick's friend Christian.  I think he  led the procession for the prince/princess of O'ahu island.  Each island had a color but I don't remember which color represented what island...

And I have a video of Mick blowing the conch shell.  If I can determine how to get the video link added to my blog, I'll update that!


Nancy said…
This is a wonderful celebration. The conch shell photo.... great. What memories. Safe travels, and we'll be seeing you soon.
Anonymous said…
I went to Barbers Point back in 1990 in grade K. Great seeing pics of how the school is now. Michelle
Valerie said…
I'm feeling nostalgic myself. I was very ready to leave the island after our 10 months, but I would love to go back for some extended time. It becomes a part of you and nothing like that here stateside.