24 days 'till Christmas!

Just a few more pictures to post while I have some free time.  Bob also took some cool pics of a full rainbow and a submarine on his cell phone which came out decent.  I made some Advent gift bags to adorn our Christmas Tree and the boys are busy assembling the tree now.  More pics to past later tonight of their progress.

One of those rare complete rainbows!  Too bad view is of parkling lot LOL!

US submarine Bob happened to see on the surface leaving Pearl Harbor.

Japanese sub Bob saw on another day.  Strange, Japanese submarine steaming INTO Pearl Harbor!

These are Advent bags I made up today for our tree.
Each day contains chocolates, some small surpises, Bible verse and an ornament for the tree.

Done!  As the bags are opened, the ornament will be placed on the tree.  Lights are bright multicolor which are not showing true to color in the pic.  Close quarters but it fits!

A day would not be complete without Mick and a bug....