4 Patch Posey

The boys left early this AM for a boat dive and I jumped right in and started sewing.   Today I worked on a pattern and fabric that was sent to me by my "secret sister" which turned out to be Maia in San Diego.   The pattern name is called "4 patch Posey" and is made by cutting out 4 pieces exactly alike and stitching them together to create a spiraling pattern.  More sashings and borders will be added at a later date.  I brought in a patio outdoor table which Mick has been using for homework time while I re-coup from surgery in my bedroom.  As I looked at it, I thought that this was the perfect height to sit my little machine to keep my arms down nearer my waist and not up around my shoulders.  Worked great as a little sewing table!   Also included a picture of the adorable electronic small machine Bob purchased for me here in Hawaii.  It weighs less than 13 pounds and is the perfect machine to take to classes or for travel, the camper @ home..... 

close up view of some blocks