Fall Break

Fall Break was a busy time in our household.   I had signed the boys up for a few surfing lessons and my dear hubby signed us up for scuba certification too.  DH was already certified but took the refresher course and both boys passed with flying colors.  I don't have any good pictures but believe there are a few underwater cameras around to be developed.  All 3 are loving surfing and had 2 lesson days and now a 3rd day of on their own surfing  @ White Plains Beach.   Most of my pictures are not good,   I can't see a thing in my view finder because the sun is so bright making me have to just guess if the subject matter is in the view.  Sadly, most often I did not.  From this beach you have a beautiful view of Diamond Head and Honolulu.  The following pictures were on their first day of lessons, water was mild and they loved it!

Mickey surfing

That is Dad!

Sorry Brandon - I did not get a good shot of you but that is you almost surfing out of the picture