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Sally's Amazing Lancaster quilt

I had the pleasure of quilting another of Sally Coble's applique masterpieces.   This one is a Sue Daley pattern called "Lancaster".  The clamshells are needle turn but they are long strips, not individual little clams which you might think would be the case.   Sally does impeccable handwork, her quilts are so exciting to work on!

My acrylic sheets.   I plan most quilts this way.   I don't transfer the markings, I refer to them for design.   I have 3 so that lets me keep certain elements by my side.  I can mark what ruler, how much spacing I used, etc.   I can't work without them for auditioning designs to scale.
The next problem is that the markers are thicker and of course bolder than thread.  You are really never sure what you have until you start stitching.   This client does not want blue markers used, so it is a challenge to get registration lines and spacing worked out with just chalk.  I pretty much just have to wing it!   Disappointing at times, because …

Bob's Promotion to the Rank of Colonel (NQR)

It was an exciting weekend for us in Memphis!  My husband reached a personal goal of attaining the rank of Colonel that he has been striving for over 18 years.  Given that only 1% of the Officers in the military ever achieve this rank, the odds were not in our favor!  With only a few more years before mandatory retirement age and the fact that very few Public Health Officers ever make it to Colonel, we were almost ready to concede that it wasn't going to happen.  BUT, the Stars were aligned for Bob to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right prerequisites, and gain a Commander assignment that was a Full Bird Colonel position.

Last March we went through a Change of Command ceremony where my husband became the Commander of the 164th Medical Group, 164th Airlift Wing, Memphis Air National Guard Base, TN.  Associated with this command is the rank of Colonel.   In 2015 Bob had been through a grueling last requirement (Air War College) to be considered for promotion from…