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Knee Replacement Update...

Lots of activity the past month or so.  The long awaited neurologist testing which would get me into a pain management group was a bust.   Pain management wanted to do a surgical implanted device!  No non-invasive treatments were offered.  But on a brighter note (this is bright?!) Ortho surgeon #3 has run tests and determined I do not have a bone infection...but my implant is loose.  This is a huge group, at a huge orthopedic hospital and has awards posted all over their building, including joint replacements from 2006 to present.   It was really nice being in a large hospital too, you go from their office to MRI, Lab, whatever.   Sometimes you needed appointments in the future, often they could see you within a few hours.   It took all day on each of my appointments but they get done.

I am in limbo at this time.  Bone scans will tell a truer picture of what is going on inside there.  But statistics prove that bone scans are unreliable soon after this type of surgical procedure.  That…

Total Knee Replacement Week 27

Today marks off the end of 27 weeks since surgery, the 6 month anniversary has officially passed by now.   Last week found me with my 4th round of issues since week 15 wanting to go to ER or anywhere they would help me.   My GP did tell me Thursday to go to the ER!

After Monday's PT I had increased pain which escalated into an odd tight, painful sensation of being numb and wrapped around my entire leg from mid-thigh down my leg.   I got a work-in appt at my GP's office but they only prescribed more meds for the increased pain hoping that would get me through to my Neuro visit that was to occur the following week.   They also did a follow up on a pain management referral because they would not see me until they had neurological report.  I wanted to get the ball rolling on that since neuro was finally happening.   Crazy to have to wait so long for some sort of pain relief.  Also a referral was made to a Physical Management and Therapy.   Sounds like someone to take charge of look…

Conroe Show Ribbons and TKR update

One of my local guilds, Golden Needles in Conroe, TX  had their show a few weeks ago.   You may remember that their show was scheduled for last year but Hurricane Harvey had other plans.  Our quilts were judged but never hung as the convention center was being used as a shelter.   Sad that those awesome quilts were never on display!   We were able to re-book for this year but only had a year to make new quilts!   Members still pulled off a beautiful display of amazing quilts, the entire show and live auction was awesome.

Personally, My Fade To Purple got a 1st place ribbon and Gravity placed 2nd in the same Modern category - all sizes.   Yeah!   Gravity has finally shown in all 3 of my guilds that I am a member of that hosts their own show (modern is too small and no show) /  She finally gets to be hung back in front of my custom longarm machine.   I took it down last fall, it hung at Houston in the Texas Guilds Award winning quilts exhibit (they choose about 20 each year to hang).  I…

2018 Online Bloggers Meet and Greet

I have been invited to participate in Benita Skinner's online bloggers Meet and Greet.  You may want to meet other quilters and check out the fab prizes that Benita is offering  from her website.   You will find the links below.

If you are not familiar with me, I am a professional longarm quilter specializing in custom heirloom quilting primarily for Judy Niemeyer / Quiltworx pp quilts and applique quilts but I am not taking new clients at this time.   I also offer computerized edge to edge quilting to compliment your quilt tops and usually have approximately a 2 week turn around time.  There are so many beautiful designs available to day.

Here are few  recent custom  quilts:
Suzie's Paradise In Blooms
Lou Ellen's Glacier Star
Lou Ann's Vintage Rose
Sally's Lancaster 
And some fun edge to edge designs: HMQG
My 2 Fabric Bargello
Jo Ann's Prairie Star

If you are intersted in my edge to edge longarm quilting services, check out my website here
Be sure to stop …

19 Weeks post TKR (NQR)

19 weeks.   4.5 months.  I'm not giving up.  Who would have ever thought this is where any of us would be after an elective surgery that everyone you talk to says how much better they are afterwards.  Knee Replacement.  My family has been very supportive helping around the house, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.  Bob has been out of state so much and leaves again this week which does make it harder for me and for Mickey.  Mick starts back with college classes next week too.

I can stand longer before I have to sit and elevate.  I am able to turn around edge to edge faster than the prior months.  It's still very painful.  Not sure I should even be doing it but I have to do something.  Doesn't matter what I do, food prep, shopping, sitting in a chair, or sewing machine or standing to try to do computer longarm designs or cutting fabric.  It all sets off pain.   I just can't stand very long or try to walk for very long.   I attempted a movie last week.  Nice stadium ty…

Our 5th Annual WWIT Retreat

Recently 20 of us attended what was my 5th August retreat since moving to this area.   Several of us have been at all 5 and most of us have been retreating together several times a year for a number of years.  I almost didn't make it due to my knee.  Pam at the retreat center has things all under control but my GP had added a new med and wanted me to wear a knee wrap type brace.   It made a world of difference in my pain level.  Crazy 4.5 months out and I'm still dealing with chronic pain and mobility issues.  Saw a new Dr last week, new PT group.  Hopefully progress there as well.   But at retreat, lots of progress for everyone, lots of fun, lots of good food.   Random photos, no editing!  Some show and tell from work prior to the retreat too so no not all this was done this week.